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Tourism x Lithuania hits the road!

Tourism in the region is growing and Lithuania is raring to welcome travelers to our beautiful end of the Baltic Sea!

Lithuanian food
Lithuanian food

The Lithuanian government’s Department of Tourism, very much of the same mind, is hot on the trail and working to bolster Lithuania’s tourism industry. And fortunate for us, we were recently invited to help get a sweet slice of home to potential future visitors!

To get the word out about Lithuania’s burgeoning tourism industry and destination status, this May Fix organised and promoted events to take a taste of the country’s offering on the road. With events in both Minsk, Belarus and St. Petersburg, Russia, we were happy to welcome and connect with keen crowds of invitees and tourism professionals in both locales.

With a Fix touch on the guest list, decor, take-home goodies and presenters, Lithuania’s touristic offering was on full display! Speakers such as Tourism department Senior Specialist Tomas Jaškevič offered deep insights into Lithuania’s profile as a vacation destination, and loads of information about recommended attractions, including National Parks, tourist attractions, hotels, and spas.

And as it wouldn’t have been much of a show without a taste of home, we couldn’t pass up the chance to show off some of Lithuania’s delicious specialties! Bound to satisfy the foodie at heart, authentic delicacies such as honey and curd cheese, Šakotis cake, special smoked sausage, and vegetable crisps were on offer.

It was a thrill to help bring tourists to our Lithuania, and see what gets people most excited about it. And an honor to help Lithuania’s Tourism Department get the job done!

Till the next big Lithuanian welcome!

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