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1 Smart City + 1 GIANT Conference = 2 Better Organisers

Halfway around the world for a look into the future? Sure! And a great excuse to discover what the East has to offer? Absolutely!

Lucky for us, this year’s HUGE Smart Cities Conference held both!

At the end of this very busy May for Fix, Laura and Neringa made the long trek to sunny, bustling New Delhi, India for what was sure to be a great chance to investigate the innovations and business opportunities South Asia has to offer, as well as what the future of cities can and should look like in the marketplace.

From May 19th to 26th, we were fortunate enough to soak up all the latest insights we could from a sprawling array of exhibitors. With a strong emphasis on solar, transport and water management innovations, the smart tech the Conference featured with a view toward the challenges of future and current global cities was an inspiration. It was also a wonderful chance to assess our South Asian opportunities, touch base with potential partners, and forge new connections!

And what a treat it was to take in India’s vast metropolitan riches! With a population 7 folds that of Lithuania just in New Dehli (!), it was a deeply enlightening perspective shifter to explore, navigate and appreciate the impressive megacity. And what a wealth of knowledge to take in and bring back to Vilnius!

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