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The expo stand that stands out

As conference organisers, we are constantly working to offer partners activities and solutions that help their expo booth stand out. A few week ago, we built up an expo booth design for Lithuanian Airports, leading the client project from inception to final build and setup at #routeseurope2018 in Bilbao.

​A highly recognisable booth theme is an excellent marketing tool. With this in mind, Lithuanian Airports introduced us to its new marketing concept and slogan, "It's time to move in together."

Riffing off the new concepts intimate feel, our booth concept boldly reimagined the cosy modern 70's home. Booth style details included updated mid-century furnishings, funky geometric accents, plush 70’s carpeting, and Lithuania Airports’ signature blues in a cool tonal palette. With some 1,200 Routes delegates in attendance in Bilbao to discuss the latest in new and existing air services, we were able to ensure visitors at the Lithuania Airports booth got something special, 70’s style.

They were able to experience the comfy, intimate message we wanted to deliver while listening to 70’s vinyl on an old record player, trying out a tasty throwback refreshment spread, enjoying period-appropriate books, and dreaming up their next adventure with our globe. With the average visitor spending 5-6 hours at the expo zone, the tasty bite and drinks the booth provided were a lovely and welcomed retreat, and an opportunity for our client to really enjoy its face-to-face.

A huge thanks goes out to Lithuanian Airports for the support at all stages of the project.

Till the next conference!

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