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4 celebrations for Lithuanian airports

Atnaujinta: 2018-08-27

Lithuanian airports have been buzzing like never before! With new connections, growing business, brand-new routes, and some milestones to boot, Vilnius, Palanga and Kaunas airports are burgeoning, and Lithuania is welcoming a historical level of air traffic.

What that means for Fix is a perfect opportunity to jump in and help our thriving air services industry to highlight its growth. And with 4 airport events to organise in April and May, it all made for a happily busy month!

A first for Turkish Cargo in Lithuania

Vilnius Airport, Lithuania’s busiest, celebrated a milestone this April when it welcomed Turkish Cargo’s first flight to the city as part of the launch of a new route.

Photo by Mildyvas Mažonas

The arrival marked the airline’s heftiest load ever chartered to Lithuania! And Fix was on site to host a gorgeously decorated reception in the airport’s VIP Zone and usher in the achievement with style.

The cheerful event featured some special guests, including the airport’s Head of Aviation Services, Aurimas Stikliūnas, who got things off to a special start by welcoming the airline’s crew and officials with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting near the plane!

Tasty, delicate refreshments served and mementos on offer to commemorate the flight left Turkish Cargo thrilled with the event. A great start for the all-new twice-weekly route!

Three Athenians walk into an airport lounge…

What better way to start a trip to radiant Athens than with a trio of Greek hosts!

RYANAIR is servicing a new direct route from Vilnius to Athens, and to highlight their inaugural flight, Fix and three Greek battle-ready storytellers brought the festivities to the airport lounge!

Congratulated and seen off by Jūratė Baltrušaitytė, Head of the Vilnius Airport Commerce Department, departing RYANAIR passengers enjoyed a riches of hometown stories from their Mediterranean emissaries prior to on boarding. The stories were all the sweeter for the authentic, sweet Greek Baklava also on offer!

It was a great way to mark this new direct route to Atėnai. The snaps reaped by the Athenians photo op weren’t bad either!

Photo by Mildyvas Mažonas

Brisk new Warsaw business for Kaunas

Another ribbon cut, and another welcomed milestone for Kaunas Airport!

A warm Kaunas welcome got off to a crack-of-dawn start on May 22 to mark LOT Airlines’ new route to Warsaw.

A testament to the growing business connections between Poland and Lithuania, the 6:00 AM departure was greeted by Kaunas municipal officials, who were on hand to congratulate and welcome the airline and crew of the much appreciated new route.

What’s more, Fix made sure everyone got their fill of a nice breakfast treat. Croissants, fresh morning coffee and refreshments, and a cheerful mood were on the menu.

It was a great way to see off the first passengers of the new early bird flight!

Photo by Mildyvas Mažonas

A sweet first send-off for Vilnius – Astana

Congrats to SCAT airlines on an exotic first with its inaugural flight to Astana!

We helped mark the airline’s new route connecting Vilnius Airport to the capital city of Kazakhstan with a warm send-off and (what else?) a classic Lithuanian desert! Departing passengers were able to take a slice of home with them with a delicious Šakotis cake and a greeting card.

We’re happy to confirm departing guests boarded with a smile, and the photo wall on hand was a great opportunity to capture it!

It was an amazing month of send-offs, welcomes, and new beginnings at Lithuanian airports. And great fun too!

To plenty more firsts on the horizons! And to plenty more airport events with Fix!

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