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Innovations from France straight ahead to Vilnius

We FIX Events organizers are working on the bleeding edge of tech conferences here in Lithuania. And as such, we are always keeping an eye out for the latest thing (and are always ready to nerd out over the coolest ones) to bring back home.

In April, Agne and Neringa were fortunate enough to get an eyeful of the newest and shiniest when they travelled to beautiful Lyon for this year’s Sido Conference! Bringing together the brightest future elements of the industry, the SidO has been an ideal two-day meetup for all things to do with the Internet of Things in Europe. And this year’s event was no exception!

Sido conference in France
Sido conference in France

Hosted in the historical capital city of the picturesque Auvergnes-Rhônes-Alpes region of France, this year’s conference held much for us to marvel over. Developments and demonstrations included a riches of wearables, the latest in electric motor engineering, laser tech and industrial nanotech, and 3D hologram animations on full display.

Moreover, with an amazing atmosphere and great people, the Lyon conference was the perfect opportunity to make new contacts and take in an in-depth, at-a-glance view of the many innovations straight ahead. It was also the ideal chance to bring news of the latest back to Vilnius!

Till the next charming French getaway—or at least the next SidO!

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