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Conferences and events

We offer a full range of event planning professionals, including event coordinators and managers, and public relations specialists, to make sure every detail of your event comes together just the way you want it.

As a provider of comprehensive event planning services, we don’t think you should have to worry about any of it, and we are ready to cover everything!​​

Our team of specialists is equipped to ensure you save time, stress less, stay on budget, and that you and your employees can focus on what you do best. With no event too big or small, Fix Events is your next event’s turnkey planning solution.


Budget Planning & Management


Our turnkey solution is not only cheaper for you in the long run, it takes the headaches out of staying on budget as well. With a long track record of budget planning and accountability, we can ensure every aspect of your event’s budget is managed and adhered to so you don’t have to.


Event registration & participant management


We have a team of dedicated staff that are able to provide onsite event registration and attendee management services.


They can also help with any other needs you may have, from creating badges for your attendees or welcoming them at the door!




Wherever it’s required, we are ready to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to efficiently move guests and/or spectators between venues, as well as from the airport to the hotel, and to secure the vehicles needed to get the job done.


Coordination of Virtual and Hybrid events


We will choose the most suitable platform for broadcasting your event and coordinate the scenery, filming and broadcasting of the hybrid event.


Venue & Stage decoration


We are happy to provide design assistance on everything from company logos and posters to brochures, guest swag, event places decor, and more, providing you with final products that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers. 


Entertainment at the event


Whether you are hosting a conference or concert, we provide an entertainment program for your guests.

We select performers who surprise and engage with the audience in a unique way.



coordination & logistics


The detail of an event is everything and can make or break the success. The work Fix Events does ranges from coordination with suppliers, and managing unexpected events that come up before or after your special day-to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks!


Managing Vendors

Lithuanian food

Finding and negotiating with vendors or managing volunteers in a timely and effective fashion can be some of the most stressful aspects of planning an event. 

Our team can do it all for you.


Photographers & videographers 


Need photos and/or video of your event? Our network of trusted photographers and videographers will make sure it all looks just as great when it’s shared.


Technical service of the event


Technical equipment for your event will be taken care of by our team - lighting, sound system, high-speed Internet and additional computers can be provided on-site.

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