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Marketing & Branding

As an inherently creative company, we provide graphic design and layout service, offering you the opportunity to present yourself and/or your company the way you deserve.

A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan is important to the success of any event. We believe marketing doesn’t have to always cost a lot of money; sometimes, grassroots marketing and a strong PR plan are just as effective, if not more so. 

We are happy to provide design assistance on everything from company logos and posters to brochures, guest swag, event tees and more, providing you with final products that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers. 

Branding services
Venue decor, including stage design

Web Services - online registration site, web banners for social media

Printed Material designs - program brochures & leaflets, posters, stickers & roll-ups, delegate cards

Souvenirs - welcome swag, takeaway gifts for participants


Whatever you may be thinking your event needs, we can design it.

Developing strong media partners and leveraging sponsors existing media buys can really help stretch your marketing budget.

Not only can we help you market your event put we can create the look and feel of it with our outstanding design team to help make your marketing materials standout! We can also handle the designing and ordering of your promotional items like t-shirts, hats and cowbells. We are a full service event management company.


Email Blasts
​Develop creative emails sent to potential participants to encourage registration for the event. 


Social Media Marketing
Create detailed schedule for posts on all social media outlets, which include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Social Media Design

We work with a graphic designer to produce effective advertising materials, including web banners, GIFs.

Media Relations
Produce press releases to send to local media Produce press releases to send to local media and entice them to cover the event

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