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Event Management

Our team of specialists are equipped to ensure every detail goes off without a hitch, including: 


Budget Planning & Management
Our turnkey solution is not only cheaper for you in the long run, it takes the headaches out of staying on budget as well. With a long track record of budget planning and accountability, we can ensure every aspect of your event’s budget is managed and adhered to so you don’t have to.


With well-rounded public relations, coordination and branding expertise in house, we can ensure the word gets out to the right people and that RSVPs and real-time registration are handled as smoothly as possible.

Events Operations & Logistics

Both before and during the event, keeping an eye on all of your event’s moving parts can be a challenge. From coordinating vendors and guests to troubleshooting on the go, at Fix Events, it’s all in our wheelhouse. 


Wherever it’s required, we are ready to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to efficiently move guests and/or spectators between venues, as well as from the airport to the hotel, and to secure the vehicles needed to get the job done.

Vendor Negotiations & Relationships Volunteer Management

Finding and negotiating with vendors and managing volunteers in a timely and effective fashion can be some of the most stressful aspects of planning an event. 

Photographers and videographers

Need photos and/or video of your event? Our network of trusted photographers and videographers will make sure it all looks just as great when it’s shared.

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